Strawberries in Japanese style is now more than perfect in every direction!

The dream of the  Strawberry Daifuku  Fans is here!

Everyone loves strawberry daifuku. What do you think of Daifuku? Four out of ten people answer “Strawberry Daifuku”… I heard that there is a statistic that four out of ten people answer “Strawberry Daifuku” or not. I don’t think so. It was just a random thought by a person in a powder keg.
However, it is still a popular daifuku. We have not been able to deliver it to you until now because of the problem of using fresh strawberries.

This year, however, we have made it. We dressed a bright red cutie in white with anko.

We start the production process first thing in the morning and deliver them freshly made to you quickly and easily.

The juicy sweet and sour taste of fresh strawberries, the deliciousness of the anko and the gentle touch of the gefi on your lips. Good to love, good to eat. Please taste the deliciousness that is only available now.

Strawberry mousse rice cakes are also very special.

Like all Daifuku, this strawberry mousse Daifuku can be frozen and stored. Normally, mousse does not contain red bean paste, but this one has Swiss strawberry mousse without any mixture. Anko (red bean paste) is combined with buddy and softly wrapped in soft gyuhi. Strawberries and fresh cream. Strawberries and whipped cream, whipped cream and anko, anko and gyuhi – perfect. Who thought of this outrageous combination?

The mousse has a wonderful strawberry quality to it. The mousse is full of natural strawberry flavour and contains Swiss strawberries chopped and dried in our kitchen. The mousse itself is filled with pureed fresh strawberries.

The mousse alone is full of strawberry flavour, but as you eat it, the semi-dried strawberries mixed into the mousse make the strawberry flavour burst in your mouth once more.


This rich strawberry flavour is combined with the cream and complements the anko and gyuhi. This is not a sales promotion blog. Actually, the strawberry daifuku is good, but the person inside personally recommends this strawberry mousse daifuku very, very highly.

Why? Because I am deeply in love with  it! The mousse ball before being wrapped in gyuhi is adorable. Pink is essential for the survival of all mankind, especially girls (who have a heart).

The strawberry mousse mochi Daifuku is a glorious product that is both delicious and lovely.

A snapshot alongside the Yuzu Mousse Mochi.


S.Y. loves this strawberry mousse rice cake so much that we have made a picture of it as the face of our  clock.

We have approved this promotional statement because we want to share this cuteness and this taste with you. By the way, the person in charge of the project has told me that it is very time-consuming and that I don’t need to get any more orders. She said. I, Yamamoto is not in charge for strawberry mousse mochi so that  I just wish  it will be widely known and tasted among you mochi fans!