All products are made with Swiss flour and vegetables.

Our products to not contain eggs and chemical additives.
Dairy products are not used for our ordinary products.
(Lactose is contained in Pizza-man from mozzarella cheese.)

Sizes areL(120g for wholesaling)、M(100g Home size)、S(60g For Apero by order)
We lend “Chinese warmer “ for regular corporate customer .

Regular products 

“NIKUMAN”NIKUMAN Pork InsideContent Nikuman

Classic Osaka taste Pork buns. Finished with a plump texture.
Enjoy the real Japanese NIKUMAN.:Swiss Pork :
Vegi manVegi-man Vegi Inside Content


Sesame-miso flavor “Vegi-man” Contains Swiss vegetable, garbanzo    beans, and minced falafel.

:Vegan :

Poulet Curry man Chicken curry-Man Poulet Curry man InsideContent

 Chicken curry-Man(Poulet Curry man)

  Non-spicy Indian curry flavor is also good for a Child meal.

:Swiss Chicken :

Spicy Yuzu Yuzu pepper Niku-Man Spicy Yuzu InsideContent

Yuzu pepper Niku-Man(Spicy Pork with Yuzu)

Spicy yuzu pepper accent Niku-man.

:Cooked with Swiss pork :

AnmanAn-man Anman InsideContent

An man

Nostalgic taste. Cooked with organic red beans. Enjoy the Japanese taste.:Vegan

:Vegan :

Irregular products


Soja meat ban

Vegan version Nikuman is made with the soja beans. Enjoy the classic Osaka taste.

:Vegan :


Tomato man with Mozzarella

          Kids love Tomatosauce with much Mozzarella! Enjoy the Kona-Küche Pizza.