Location to Kona Küche. It is a beautiful place.

Hello everyone, I am a staff of Kona Küche.

We have a new staff blog, so we would like to tweet about things at the factory where we make our products, things that aren’t at the factory, the scenery around the Bio Farmers where the factory is located, and certain things.

The factory of Kona Küche is located in this place.
It is a beautiful place.

The production site for Kona Küche is located at the edge of Canton Zurich, right in the middle of Zug and Zurich in terms of distance. It was 10 years ago that the company started up in earnest in a professional production kitchen built in a corner of a Bio farmhouse by a fortuitous coincidence.
Ladies from Japan are making a delicious Japanese product from swiss ingredients day by day.
When I go to work to the factory, if the weather is fine, I can see the shining Alps in the distance over the spacious farmland. In the car, though, I always take a deep breath.

We borrowed this photo from the local Gemeinde Wiki.   Though this picture  looks  like taken   from 100 km closer point from Konaküche,    the beauty of the landscape you can see in this photo.

It is May. All of Switzerland is shining with fresh green. The woods behind the factory are also in the middle of their fresh green. A minute’s walk along the narrow, leaf-lined path is so green you’d think you were in the middle of a forest.

The small woodland behind the factory seems as if you have arrived in a deep forest in just one minute. The air is cleaner in a clean forest and soil. I mutter to myself.It’s almost time to put out the table and have lunch outside.

What are the staff’s different lunches under the blue sky like? I’d like to try and take some photos of them. (Don’t worry. It’s anonymous.)